Cloud 9

by Caryl Churchill

Jobsite Theater presents

cloud 9

Position: Edward/Betty (Cast)

Unexpected trysts. Gender swaps. Role reversals. Power plays. Victorian repression clashes with liberal expression as we follow a British family from colonial Africa to London in the 1970s. Caryl Churchill’s provocative comedy explores the ever-changing world of sexual politics as it asks what it takes for each of us to reach our own Cloud 9.

Jobsite Theater/Straz Center of Performing Arts
Summer 2017


Directed by Gavin Hawk
Set Design/Properties by Jerid Fox
Lighting by Jo Averill-Snell
Costumes by Katrina Stevenson
Photos by Pritchard Photography

“This production has several brilliant performances, and numerous laugh-out-loud moments, and moves at a brisk pace.”
Creative Loafing
“One highlight would be Baccari’s portrayal of Betty in 1979. Tasteful, stylish and polite, she is learning to assert her likes and dislikes, embracing life with a newfound curiosity and even joy. It’s a fine performance.”
Tampa Bay Times