Jack of Cups

by Gabriel Rodriguez

Experimental Bitch Presents


Written by Gabriel Rodriguez
Directed by Madeline Wall and Gabriel Rodriguez

Position: Producer

Many years from now — long after The Wave That Eats The World — a stranger, queerer, more loving world has sprouted from the sodden rubble and ruins: a world called Mother Ocean. Once a year, the many communities of this new world become one by making the perilous pilgrimage to a barren island for the Remembrance Festival. Amidst the food and drink and games, the sharing of knowledge and the telling of Big Stories, the people of Mother Ocean are visited by a mysterious and legendary wanderer who comes to tell the biggest Big Story they have: their post-apocalyptic creation myth.

The Flea Theater
May 31st—June 8th, 2019


Featuring Gabriel Rodriguez, Kayla Yee and Lukas Papenfusscline

Original Music by Lukas Papenfusscline
Choreography by HannaH Allen and Kayla Yee
Set Design by Jennilee Aromando
Lighting Design by Elizabeth M. Stewart
Costume Design by Madeline Wall
Stage Management by Blue Zephra Santiago
Technical Supervision by Jack Scaletta
Hair and Makeup by Hannah Goldman
Associate Producer: Sophia Heinecke
Production Assistants: Julia Smith and Marilyn Gonzalez

Produced by Wednesday Derrico and Tatiana Baccari