By william shakespeare | Brooklyn Navy Yard

No Name Collective Presents:


Directed by Tatiana Baccari

In this gender-swapped production the traveler witches allow Lady Macbeth and Macbeth to “unsex,” embodying the power of fantasy in a patriarchal world in which virtue, power, and freedom are bound to class hierarchy and gender.

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fall 2017

Tatiana Baccari, who directs the play, embraces the chaotic magic of Macbeth as a metaphor for power dynamics. In her version, characters swap genders; lady-kings rule over Scotland; and witches roam the stage.


Position: Director

Directed by Tatiana Baccari

Set Design and Props by Jennilee Aromando
Original Music and Sound Design by Jeffrey Leiser
Lighting by David Sexton
Choreography by Hannah Allen
Fight Choreography by Madeleine Emerick & Dispatch Combat
Costume Design by Madeline Wall

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Executive Producers: Annaliese Kirby and Maggie Hood
Assistant Director: Lukas Papenfusscline
Stage Manager: Donnie Barbiea
Assistant Stage Manager: Julian Bailey

Photos by Jenny Catlow Photography & Matthew Echelman

Arguably, the strongest aspect of this production was the way it was staged in this space and its overall ambiance and atmosphere. Under the direction of Tatiana Baccari, the cast is able to make great use of a large and somewhat unconventional theatre space and keep the attention of the audience, who watch from various corners of the large space as performers are at the center.
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