Meat Market

by tatiana baccari & hannah allen

Untitled Theater Company #61 presents

meat market

Position: Actor/Writer

The hierarchy of “the club” is put to the test when two strippers use techniques of manipulation to garner the prime dance slot. Seen in “Money Lab,” an economic vaudeville and multi-disciplinary experiment to discover whether economic ideas can be represented through performance.

Seen in “Money Lab”, HERE Arts Center, Spring 2015

Directed by Hannah Allen
Conceived and curated by
Edward Einhorn
Written by Tatiana Baccari Hannah Allen
Game design by Edward Einhorn
& Gyda Arber

Assistant Producer: Patrice Miller
Stage Manager: Berit Johnson
Set Design by Christopher Heilman
Lighting Design by Jeff Nash
Video Design by Gil Sperling
Costume Consultant & Design by Natalie Loveland
Sound Engineering& Design by Travis Wright

Concessions Manager: Corinne Woods
Assistants: Lindsay Carter
& Angelica Sumner
Intern: Taylor Steele

“The production is wonderful conceptually for the volumes it doesn’t speak but intimates. It reminded me that the gross tensions between the spiritual worth of artistic endeavor and material necessities are more and more becoming battlegrounds that we are forced to confront in our daily lives.”
BlogCritics, Money Lab