artist statement

I strive to dramatize the unpredictability of the self-identifying body and mind within a societal or political structure. For me, theater is most exciting when its dramatization contains athleticism and rigor: physically, textually, and formally. I want rapid evolution and deconstruction on stage, in real time.

I challenge myself to question the patriarchal, cis-heteronormative, white-centered lens through which we traditionally learn and to radically redefine his/her/their-story through consensual theater and film collaboration. This extends to diverse hiring and casting processes but also to developing equitable practices as collaborators and defending them at all costs.

My work is personal. It grows from past trauma and current questioning: confronting the people, places, and events that have shaped my concept of the world. Occasionally, historical or literary figures show up in my work though it is rarely the appropriate time or place for them to do so.  

How do you theatricalize the past in conversation with the present in anticipation of the future? How do you unfurl a story that electrifies the senses, stirs associations, probes one's intellect and touches the heart?